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Q/A with World Class Bartender - Charles Joly

November 18, 2015

BOGA's brand ambassador and world class bartender, Charles Joly talks style tips, his day to day, and being an ambitious man of style. What are your biggest wardrobe challenges?  I’m on the road a lot. Traveling light while making sure I have all of my events and occasions covered is always part of the checklist while getting ready.  I usually encounter a variety of scenarios when I’m working remotely. I may have a formal dinner, be presenting a seminar to bartenders, beachfront party….just about anything can pop up. Can you take us through a typical day for you? What challenges does your schedule present for the way you dress?  I wish I had a typical day. No I don’t- that would drive me insane actually. Every day really is a bit different for me. I may spend hours at the computer catching up on emails, get in some walk time with my dog and end up meeting people out for a cocktail in the evening. Our team at Crafthouse Cocktails gets together regularly to keep brainstorming and working on our brand. That can include casual meetings, trips to spend time at our partner accounts or a sit down with media. When I’m on the road, the sky is the limit and my schedule is very full. Regardless of how busy yesterday was, you always have to be fresh and in the moment. How important is appearance in your industry? Forget my industry; let’s talk about day-to-day life. It really is true that if you look good, it helps you feel good. There’s a time and a place for everything. Jeans and a t-shirt will always have a home, but being “put together” makes a statement. If you’re wearing something that is really well made and fits you like a glove, I think it adds a touch of confidence. We’re visual creatures – the initial impression you get from someone starts to create an expectation. Have you always been interested in fashion and style? That’s a loaded question, considering my style. I’ve always kind of done my own thing and not been overly concerned with what others think. I find it very entertaining to see the timeline of how my friends and I have grown over the years. Who doesn’t get a kick out of the “hair style flip book”. What qualities do you look for when checking out a new clothing brand?  Inherently, I’m not a huge shopper. When I do, I want well made pieces that are versatile and fit right. I’ve always been a quality over quantity person in all aspects of life. I also love small details. I think subtly and attention to detail for the sake of detail is fantastic. I’m really fond of the eras when form was just as important as function. Which BOGA pieces made an impression on you? Many of them jumped out at me. The shoes are ridiculously beautiful. I’ve had shoes custom made in the past and the ones I found at BOGA’s Retail Longe quickly set those back in my rotation. Denim has always been difficult for me as well. Off the rack, I was able to find pairs that fit great and work in a variety of situations. I can be at a formal event with a jacket and tie and quickly transition to a more relaxed look for late night. The jackets are also lovely. There are a ton of designs to choose from so you can pick up a statement piece or something that can play a lot of roles. The cuts are really thoughtful as well and ready to wear. Do you find correlations in mixing the perfect drink and coordinating the ideal outfit? I think it comes down to being present and thoughtful. It’s about putting a bit of care into things. We can eat or drink merely for sustenance, but that isn’t much fun or very exciting at all. Both are an opportunity to express yourself and make a bit of a statement. What’s next for you? We are working very hard on Crafthouse Cocktails. We’re continuing to build our exposure locally and just launched a partnership with United Airlines. I’m looking forward to this next year as we continue to expand. I have a massive amount of exciting travel. I get the opportunity to work with bartenders around the world and experience culture from every angle. It really is an incredible opportunity that I’m honored to have the ability to take part in. In the next couple of months I’ll see Italy, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, Singapore and many other places. I always have lots of projects in the works- stay tuned, I can’t quite talk about all of them yet!

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