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NFL Ace Robbie Gould on Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

March 08, 2015

Chicago loves its sports figures, especially those as consistent and dedicated as Chicago Bears placekicker, Robbie Gould. One of the most accurate kickers in the history of the NFL, Gould has been our go-to guy for extra points since joining the team in 2005. He's the first placekicker in Chicago Bears history to go to the Pro Bowl, and he joins Kevin Butler (a legend among NFL kickers) as the only players in team history credited with more than 1,000 points. He's racked up just about every accolade in the book during his 10-year pro football career and has become a fan favorite along the way.


Gould is also involved in several high-profile projects in his beloved Chicago community, including sports broadcasting on radio and TV, public and motivational speaking engagements, and playing in celebrity golf tournaments. His namesake charity, The Goulden Touch, has a mission to help those in need in Chicago and Lock Haven, Pennsylvania (Gould’s adopted and original hometowns, respectively). With such a busy lifestyle on and off the field (Gould is also a husband and a father to a 15-month-old son), how does he dress for every occasion? The BOGA Brand Ambassador tells us about preparing for his packed schedule, including the challenges of dressing for his athlete's physique. Oh, and he might have some thoughts on the 2015 Bears season… What wardrobe challenges have you faced in the past while shopping for a more athletic body type? I have always had the issue of bigger thighs and butt to fit in most jeans. The BOGA Otto Fit jeans really appeal to me because the waist has a higher rise. Are there any pieces of clothing that are more challenging to fit than others? Definitely pants and shorts are tough for me to find. What demands does your job place on how you need to dress (i.e. travel, public appearances, etc.)? My wardrobe must be very versatile. For games and most of my public appearances, I always wear suits, but when I am doing more television spots I can be more business casual. However, I always need to keep in mind certain color and pattern schemes that look good on camera. Can you take us through your typical day, both during the Bears season and the offseason? What challenges does your schedule present when dressing for your day and evening? During the season, I am able to dress more casual and athletic for practice days. Home games I can typically wear a dress shirt and jeans, but for away games, it's always a suit. What qualities do you look for when shopping or checking out a new clothing brand? I always look for softer-feeling clothes — I like my clothes to look good and sharp but also feel really good. What did you think of the BOGA collection when you first discovered it? I really enjoy the BOGA brand for dressed-up casual wear. It's a great place to get clothing for dinners and date nights, and it has a very nice quality with a great fit. Which BOGA pieces made an impression on you? The BOGA jeans are very well made for the athletic body type. I finally found a place where I am able to fit into a pair immediately and not have to have them darted because the waist was too big. What has your experience shopping in the BOGA Retail Lounge been like? It has always been very personal and conversational. The stylists listen to what you like/dislike and really try and fit the clothing into your lifestyle and needs. The customer service and shopping process is all very enjoyable. Which of your many achievements with the Bears means the most to you? I think the achievement I will enjoy the most is still ahead of me. My ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl. This is the ultimate team goal and takes an entire team to accomplish this goal. I look forward to helping the team push forward toward achieving a win at the pinnacle of the season. What are you most looking forward to in the 2015 NFL season? Getting back on the field and preparing to win a Super Bowl. I think there is a lot to be excited about with our new coaching staff. Tell us about your charitable organization, The Goulden Touch. The mission of The Goulden Touch is to help those in need. I am so proud of what we have accomplished over the last several years like building Goulden Touch Field in the city’s West Lawn neighborhood and donating funds to Working in the Schools and the Cadence Health Foundation and their new Ronald McDonald House in St. Charles, Illinois. We host an annual signature event, the Robbie Gould Celebrity Golf Invitational. This year, it will take place on Monday, June 22 at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest, Illinois, and will benefit Ann & Robert H. Lurie's Children's Hospital of Chicago. I cannot wait for this event! We bring in more than 30 well-known celebrities, work with outstanding corporate partners, and have a fun-filled day of golf and activities all for a great cause. What's next for your career after pro football? During the offseason, I love to golf and have a huge passion for the game — I would eventually love to become a golf broadcaster. I enjoy what the game of golf represents and has to offer for any level of golfer. My dream job would be walking down the fairway on the last hole of the Master's Tournament, calling the final groups' shots to close this historic annual event.

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